If you need medical supervision or treatment for a health issue, but you’d rather not leave your home, you don’t have to. At Peninsula Healthcare & Wellness Center, primary care specialists Kevin Calhoun, MD, Shelly Calhoun, FNP-C, and their exceptional team offer virtual telemedicine services for added convenience. Call the office to schedule an appointment or use the online booking tool today.

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What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine at Peninsula Healthcare & Wellness Center includes preventive medicine, medical evaluations, and treatment for common primary healthcare concerns, such as illnesses, diseases, and injuries. The Peninsula Healthcare & Wellness Center specialists can care for you from the comfort of your home via a phone, tablet, or another electronic device.

What are the benefits of telemedicine?

Some of the benefits you can expect when choosing telemedicine at Peninsula Healthcare & Wellness Center include:

  • Convenience
  • Time and cost savings
  • No sick patient exposure
  • No need to take time off work
  • No need for childcare
  • Utmost privacy
  • No office wait times

Choosing telemedicine offers the same exceptional quality of care as you receive during in-office appointments at Peninsula Healthcare & Wellness Center. Your primary care provider takes as much time as you need to address questions or concerns, and you never feel rushed.

Is telemedicine right for me?

Much of the time, you can choose telemedicine visits with the Peninsula Healthcare & Wellness Center team instead of in-person appointments. However, if you need certain types of care, such as blood tests, imaging procedures, or hands-on treatment, your provider may ask you to come to the office to ensure the best health outcomes.

What should I expect during my appointment?

During telemedicine visits at Peninsula Healthcare & Wellness Center, your provider calls you during your scheduled appointment time. They review your symptoms, medical history, medication regimen, and lifestyle habits.

You can show your specialist concerning symptoms virtually via an electronic device. If you need certain diagnostic tests or treatments, your provider might encourage you to come into the Peninsula Healthcare & Wellness Center office.

Many times, however, your specialist can treat you without an in-office visit. They might recommend lifestyle changes, dietary supplements, medically supervised weight loss, or medication prescriptions. They follow up with you to ensure your treatment works effectively and can make changes to it when necessary.

If you need to see a specialist for a complex medical problem, your provider refers you to a highly trained provider near you.

To learn more about the comprehensive telemedicine services available at Peninsula Healthcare & Wellness Center or to schedule an appointment, call the office or use the online booking tool today.