I had a great experience and will be making this my primary medical office.
Sefton P. | Aug 18, 2023

I had a positive experience during my annual physical exam. The nurse practitioner was incredibly caring. Their attitude made the appointment comfortable and reassuring.
Jean Philippe G. | Aug 10, 2023

Shelly is always patient, she listens, ask relevant questions. I can truly tell that she cares for her patients! The staff at our office is amazing, especially Alyvia!!!
Georgia L. | Jul 21, 2023

It was a pleasure speaking to Mrs.Calhoun PN. Information given was very good. Thank you.
Paula S. | Jun 23, 2023

Ver attentive & great service.
Yoshiko G. | Apr 13, 2023

Great Place
Crystal P. | Apr 08, 2023

Shelly is the most caring Doctor I have ever experienced. She really care about you. She takes time to know your problem and deals with it fast. I would highly recommend her as a very in the know Doctor who really cares about YOU!!! THANK YOU FOR BEING MY NEW DOCTOR, PATIENCE THOMAS MORSE LATE!
Thomas M. | Mar 18, 2023

Very friendly very respectful on time overall very good
Deborah G. | Mar 03, 2023

Shelly is very professional and is very thorough. She was able to diagnose my problem and suggested an effective treatment. Olivia was also very helpful. I would recommend the practice highly.
Timothy S. | Feb 24, 2023

I recommend this practice. Great service!
Nicolas R. | Feb 18, 2023

Prompt attention to my request. Took time to provide answers to my issue.
Perry W. | Feb 16, 2023

Very thorough and very informative
Lidia S. | Feb 13, 2023

Very helpful and professional
Daisy P. | Feb 06, 2023

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Miss Shelly ! She listens to all of my concerns and makes me feel like she actually cares about me and my health concerns. I’m just sad it took me so long to find her
Kari A. | Feb 03, 2023

Excellent Healthcare
Michael J. | Feb 02, 2023

I love them! They are hands on and very thorough! Very kind and warm and aim to making you very comfortable at their facility! Best group I’ve ever experience! Will definitely recommend them!
Zelta M. | Jan 20, 2023

Very caring
George P. | Jan 08, 2023

Ms. Calhoun was warm, kind, personable, professional and capable and took the time to understand my concerns/goals for the visit.
Erin B. | Dec 11, 2022

Organized, efficient & Friendly. Went to Peninsula Healthcare for my Covid-19 vaccinations. I called & went in same day for my latest vaccine. They had all my information prepared. Thank you!
Sally D. | Dec 01, 2022

Very friendly and warm people at the office.
Vineeta S. | Nov 18, 2022

Very professional and Knowledgeable
Muhamma C. | Nov 17, 2022

Deborah L. | Oct 13, 2022

Well pleased with staff & nurse practitioner.
Michael J. | Oct 07, 2022

Easy to talk to, explain what she was doing when examining, was not inpatient. Office energy was very pleasant. Her assistant was equally as caring. Over all the visit was excellent.
Victoria G. | Sep 14, 2022

Comfortable and reassuring of my current condition. Thank you for your help!
Christopher C. | Sep 11, 2022

Always such a friendly and pleasing atmosphere. I truly enjoy my visits to the Dr.’s office now and get a chance to always address my health concerns with resolution.
Sharron D. | Jul 29, 2022

The office staff here is very pleasant, compassionate and professional. They go out of their way to accommodate their patients. Mrs. Calhoun was very thorough with my initial medical examination. Asked questions concerning my concerns and health history to understand and provide proper diagnosis. Highly recommended.
Syed R. | Jul 16, 2022

She is so patient and nice.
Gloria R. | Jul 12, 2022

I was pleased with how the assistant Olivia greeted me with pleasant attitude. Shelley Calhoun(FNP-C) was very professional to do health check up with me, though Dr. Kevin Calhoun was not there. The only thing I want to say for the improvement of the clinic, was they had a difficulty to draw my blood, and they sent me to LabCorp to redo it. Also. LabCorp has moved, and they sent me to the old address, and I had to find a new address to visit to draw my blood sample. Also, for the stool sampling bottle, the assistant put my address label over the the stool sample bottle, so I had to take of the label to find the label to fill out.
Jiro F. | Jul 09, 2022

The doctor and staff were incredibly nice, empathetic, and knowledgeable.
Claudia R. | Jul 08, 2022

Everything was easy and done in a professional manner. Thank you!
Earl C. | Jul 06, 2022

Justin S. | Jun 30, 2022

It’s was amazing. The staff was extremely nice and helpful. Dr. Shelly Calhoun is absolutely wonderful!
Dalyn S. | Jun 28, 2022

Friendly, attentive staff. Prompt test results as promised . Kindly patient with me when I have questions. If they do not have the answer, they find someone who does or they get back to me with the requested information. Waiting area is comfortable.
Mary T. | Jun 26, 2022

Friendly service and listens to health concerns and provides valuable medical insight and feedback
Alison F. | Jun 25, 2022